Merengue Persimon

Meringue with Persimon Bouquet®


Meringue with Persimon Bouquet® Ingredients: 2 Persimon Bouquet kakis 4 tablespoons rum 4 egg whites 3 tablespoons sugar Sliced toasted almonds Preparation: Wash the kakis and cut them into eight pieces but do not cut right through so that they look like flowers. Pour the rum into these flowers. Beat the egg whites with sugar [...]


Persimon Bouquet cheesecake


Persimon Bouquet® cheesecake Ingredients: 2 Persimon Bouquet kakis 4 eggs 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons grated lemon peel ½ tablespoon vanilla extract 215g sugar 750g cream cheese 125g melted butter 250g biscuits 300ml crème fraîche Preparation: Preheat oven to 160°C. Put baking paper into the bottom of a cake mould. Crush the biscuits, mix them [...]

Ensalada Persimon

Persimon Bouquet® with goat cheese


Persimon Bouquet® with goat cheese Ingredients: 1 Persimon Bouquet kaki Mixed lettuce (Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondo, Oak Leaf, etc.) Lamb’s lettuce Thyme Goat cheese Walnuts Salt Virgin olive oil Preparation: Chop the mixed lettuce. Cut the Persimon Bouquet kaki into cubes and sauté in a frying pan with a few drops of oil scented with [...]

Judías Verdes Persimon

Green beans with Persimon Bouquet


Green beans with Persimon Bouquet® Ingredients: 1 or 2 Persimon Bouquet kakis 2 tablespoons honey 4 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon poppy seeds 200g green beans 150g rocket 100g Serrano cured ham Preparation: Put the honey in a bowl with the oil, lemon juice and poppy seeds. Whisk the dressing and [...]

Lomo cerdo Persimon

Pork loin in Persimon Bouquet sauce


Pork loin in Persimon Bouquet® sauce Ingredients: 600g pork loin 1 kg potatoes Basil Thyme Sage Herb mixture for grilling Salt 2 Persimon Bouquet kakis 1 tablespoon rum or brandy 1 tablespoon honey Preparation: Cut the pork loin into fillets, salt and sprinkle with the herb mixture, and grill them in a frying pan. Put [...]

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