The kaki was originally grown in Asia, and was progressively introduced to North America, Brazil, India, Israel and Spain.

In Spain, the variety par excellence is the “Rojo Brillante”, an attractive, exquisite-tasting kaki which we market under the name Persimon Bouquet®. The “Rojo Brillante” kaki is grown in the Ribera del Xúquer area of the Valencian Region.

Anecoop, Spain’s leading exporter of fruit, vegetables and salad stuffs, markets the persimmon under its prestigious Bouquet® brand. In addition, it is also backed by the Kaki Ribera del Xúquer Designation of Origin, an official certification board which guarantees the quality of this fruit.

Anecoop also markets organic Persimon Bouquet®.

The Persimon Bouquet® is an autumn fruit which is available from mid-October to Christmas.